Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cat dumped in wheelie bin

The Manns found the trapped four-year-old cat when they heard her cries on Sunday morning.

They thought Lola must have been dumped in the bin by drunken yobs.

But when they looked through their CCTV footage, they were shocked to discover it was a middle-aged woman.

IMO: This story has had a lot of coverage in the UK. Probably because of cognitive dissonance and other such factors which mean UK people prefer to big themselves up and often do not want to realise how nasty they are. When they see their blatant evil face to face, it can come as a shock. She actually sounds typical of middle aged women in the UK, who are old enough to know better but go on behaving like drunken yobs. There are some just like that in my own street and I am sure they will wind up in hell for eternity. I would give the drug barons more chance of going to heaven than those wretched debauched old women, and that is virtually no chance. Naturally she now gets protection by the local 'Neasden-style' police. I would give a humble earthworm more credence and value than her, but she has now exposed herself to attack by other yobs effectively just like her. Oh, for Sri Ram Sena in London ! They would simply beat her up and throw her in the street I expect, which is what she deserves but doubtless this would force us all to hear her whinging.

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