Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cameron's "moat and duckpond" party makes profit for Vodafone UK

According to "Private Eye" 1268 for 6th August, 2010 , page 6 ("Vodafone a Friend"), the Cameron mission to India has already made Vodafone $2 billion. This is by avoiding Indian capital gains tax, clearly due to be paid by Vodafone and the subject of a court battle where Vodafone was trying to avoid paying taxes due to the Indian authorities. This sum is about 5 times the total amount of "aid" the UK nominally pays to India.

This seems to be only the tip of the iceberg of Britain's nefarious activities in India, but one hopes that the Indian authorities have done the best they can.

IMO: Indians of the old school normally see the UK as their former colonial oppressors who are still eager to live off the Indian poor. To me this behaviour by the British seems disgraceful.

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