Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anti-terrorist hotline ad banned for being 'offensive'

A radio advert urging listeners to report suspected terrorists has been banned by a watchdog for potentially offending law-abiding people for asking people to report untalkative, cash-using neighbors to authorities as potential terrorists. MP3 here, apparently the police are regularly trying to do similar ads and here is another.

IMO: Not only may such ads be counterproductive but they also could led to further police-inflicted deaths like Menendes and Tomlinson. Some of the police are almost certainly no smarter than listeners to the dodgy stations like Talksport. So many of the Brits seem to now have borderline personality disorder that the drug dens and unacceptable aggression by yobs in say, Munster Road Fulham or Fulham High Street are almost par for the course and very little useful action seems to be taken about them, although eventually at least two of the drug dens were closed, one being a large factory putting out high street value substances. Well congratulations to the police for that, but surely no harm in closed curtains or necessarily paying cash in such environments which used to be of a good class before some neighborhood scum moved in. In fact even the great Peregrine Worsthorne used to live around there.

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