Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alastair Darling (apparently) says

“By failing to talk openly about the deficit, and our tough plans to halve it within four years, we vacated the crucial space to make the case for the positive role government can play. You will only convince people you’ve got the answers if they believe you know what the question is in the first place. You can’t have political credibility without economic credibility.”

This seems to mean that with proper leadership, a Labor vote would have meant carrying out the less toxic of Osborne's plans.

IMO: I have some doubts as to whether Osborne will do more than self-serving so-called "cuts". eg. he can 'privatise' (government) accountants and some are already drinking themselves to death at the prospect. My brief impression is that he will 'cut', but not effectively. Of the two parties, Labor and Tory, Labor with a decent yet still roughly Fabian leader could have been best. We may never know as that possibility seems unlikely. Diane Abbott with very strong effective technical backup was probably best choice.

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