Monday, August 09, 2010

Afghanistan war gone to the dogs

US Navy SEAL special forces are to deploy heavily armoured bulletproof dogs equipped with infrared nightsight cameras and an "intruder communication system" able to penetrate concrete walls. These attack dogs can be deployed by helicopter or freefall parachute jump, even using oxygen breathing equipment if necessary.

IMO: They will even be able to eat the Taliban alive, like the Prophet was allegedly eaten by dogs, thus saving field rations.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail reports on Pakistan : "Here’s a typical example: Pakistani robber: ‘Give me all your money!’

Zardari: ‘Don’t you know who I am? I’m the president.’

Robber: ‘OK. Give me all my money.’

Such a quip illustrates perfectly how the Pakistani leader is viewed by his people: corrupt, venal and materialistic".

IMO: The Mail also suggests UK Prime Minister Cameron should count his fingers after shaking hands with Mr. Ten Percent (Zardari). But I had thought it was to be an honest meeting by the standards of those two, simply to decide on how the charity aid money for the Pakistani floods was to be split, probably 30% in Cameron's pocket and 70% in Zardari's pocket. Then they will be Brokeback Mountain cruising chums like Cameron and Clegg and no need to pay off film stars with blood diamonds.

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