Sunday, August 01, 2010

Afghanistan possibilities

Topeka Capital-Journal sum it up nicely : "This is the realistic alternative: Win first, then negotiate".

It worked with Japan in WW2, and the Japanese are happy enough to be one of the world's leading nations instead of another Burma or North Korea. In fairness, Vietnam is probably OK but they had a sensible enough ally - China - and not the ridiculous Taliban who go around blowing up statues of the Buddha, who just might have disagreed with them many centuries ago.

IMO: Assange exposed a lot of facts, but these do not seem to lead to his apparently desired conclusions. As Cyptome founder Young seems to imply, Assange is smart but seems to have his head in the clouds. Robotics, drones, a reduction in corruption of Pakistan politicians, and a defense of the Afghan/Pakistan border using drones and robots  are some factors that could help.

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