Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup Predictions - Octupus and Scientific

An Argentine TV presenter furious with Paul the 'psychic' World Cup octopus has horrified viewers by liquidising one of his relatives live on air. Paul became famous for correctly predicting the result of eight consecutive World Cup clashes — finally picking winners Spain for the final.

Threats only, so far, on octupi, have been made frequently on UK radio channels.

IMO: I follow the Hindu tradition of vegetarianism and find such foolish atrocities as typical of certain psychopaths. Further it seems that the octopus Paul has been referred to as an identity cheat. Far from being born in the UK two and a half years ago, aquarium staff have revealed he is only four months old and was caught in the Mediterranean off the Italian coast. This means he is a completely different octopus to the one who successfully predicted some of the results at Euro 2008.

Now science predicted the result of the World Cup correctly.  The method seems to have used graph theory, an advanced mathematical technique. I have found that such methods often work till the system is heavily rigged, as it was so often on the traded options market. (Obvious general question. Q: If you are so smart, why aren't you rich ? A: Because of the sundry criminals, dishonest M.P.s and others who really deserve little quarter). But at least we can reckon that the Lalit Modi types of scandal are therefore fortunately not as common as they may soon be in world football, though Private Eye comments on football suggest that football may soon be as badly rigged as derivative prices and boxing matches.

IMO:As we know from earlier entries in this blog, psychos from the same stable as the octopus murderers have frequently threatened scientists whose predictions they have not liked. It probably will not help, as scientists' serious attempts may be the only way to prevent a world disaster. Recent media comments on oil leaks, for example, suggest that the Gulf of Mexico spill could even lead to the end of the world. And if that is so, what about the largely ignored and very frequent drilling disasters around the Nigerian coastline ??

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