Friday, July 30, 2010

Wikileaks - much to concern us

U.S. officials are worried about what other secret documents the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks may possess and have tried to contact the group without success to avoid their release, the State Department said on Friday.

But Assange accused Defense Secretary Robert Gates of attacking Wikileaks to "distract attention from the daily deaths of civilians and others in Afghanistan."

"There is real blood in Afghanistan, and it has come about as a result of the policies of Mr Gates and the Obama administration and the general conflict in the region," Assange said.

IMO: By now Obama really should have been well briefed, though he has clearly been led into a difficult position over Afghanistan by supporters of the previous administration. But, more to the point, there is a lot of valuable information already released by Wikileaks and yet again, I point out that some relatively neutral third party should have collated this in detail and related it to potential future events. The fault is with us all - except for me and others like me, I am too busy to waste much time on Afghanistan and I have already done my military service as an unwilling but loyal conscript.

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