Friday, July 02, 2010

UK Trade Unions

Thirty-eight trade union general secretaries and chief executives who spend their days lecturing about inequality and exploitation, received remuneration of more than £100,000 last year. No union official, despite many being asked, has managed to make it onto the TV this morning to defend their £100,000 + pay packets. But doubtless their wages will ease the pain of the long days of the “general strike” being planned.

IMO: When wages like that are being paid to such people, and yet such a lot of people are extremely hard up, often due to strikes or to politicians and other highly paid "civil servants", anything like socialism does seem to have gone down the drain for these people. So why can't the Government treat these trade unionists as no more than private "civil servants" and insist they take very low salaries. I can't see many of them staying in their jobs if paid at what a lot of OAPs get. Yet when such a deal was tried with one of the London magazines, something like "City Limits" or "Time Out" I think, it worked for awhile.
IDEA: Someone should suggest this to Mr. Clegg

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