Monday, July 26, 2010

Register comment on wikileaks result

"I heard on the radio this morning and interview with our security minister. Dame something or other and she was more bothered with how it was leaked, not that the leaked documents have information on civilian casualties that NATO have done but not told anyone about. she was on about the kind of files and the processes used to secure them should be our concern.

Seems wrong to me, surely we should be asking why we aren't being told, THEN asking how it was leaked.

It was like the old speaker of the house wanting to know HOW MP's expenses were leaked, not that so much Fraud was being done by the expenses process.

MP's still don't get it".

IMO: I think the MP's "get it" if it "it" is fraudulently large sums of taxpayer's money. Looks like there will be a further depression soon, also. Quite needless except to fill the pockets of the rich.

IMO: Well most people knew about Pakistani infamy and bombing of course - all in most foreign papers - and a lot of the other stuff too, but there is now probably enough in the public domain for useful actual antiwar computing results to be done. The co-called "Big Society" should be up to it, but probably will not be.

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