Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recording the Future

The investment arms of the CIA and Google are together backing a firm that monitors the web in real time, and claims to use that information to predict the future.

IMO: Sounds dodgy, but I pointed out that UTAP such methods might be used on such results as the recent Wikileaks disclosure. But only UTAP, though it is certainly better to use these old results in a constructive way than playing the blame game on all and sundry from the leakers through the press and the military up to the US president. It is such a pity that all except perhaps some employed salaried professionals are so lacking in constructive determination to date, to thoroughly sort out and try to use the Wikileaks information.

Aside from the purblind inaction of the public to date, I lament on the inaccuracy and paucity of data supplied even about current matters such as the alleged Chinese censorship of Google in articles like "Google computer and Western media report China outage, actual humans in China beg to differ".

IMO: Probably all these people are running around chasing their own tails. Next I suppose they will tell us our thoughts are being read, but on that, it would not surprise me if they are using methods like Mindflex, see Haynes's article in Der Speigel on that one.

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