Thursday, July 22, 2010

Indian student racially assaulted in moving bus in Australia

An Indian student was racially assaulted in a jam-packed bus in Melbourne by a group of three youths, who repeatedly hit him, in yet another attack on the youths from the community in Australia. He then had to return home due to health issues.

IMO: You really would think that Australia could put a stop to this sort of thing, and that in that situation Australians would not be the bunch of cowardly Melbourne scum they now seem to present themselves as. I think that might not have happened in Sydney, my original home town. One reason there is a strong Italian Mafia element in Australia was persecution of honest Italian migrants and a lack of adequate social services. Not all the Italian migrants were honest and social services had their chance to sort this out. But there then had to be an element of taking your own side. By and large the Indians in Australia are almost certainly OK, I have talked to parents and relatives in India, and this sort of mindless brutality is going to have a very negative effect. India should protest strongly and Australia should take heed.

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