Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chelsea Clinton's £3.2 million marriage

Seems the wedding cake will cost £7000 . Other price details similar. But Jews are still complaining because Chelsea isn’t converting - the Jewish people is losing another member.

And on the Gaza front, it seems Hamas are deliberately leaving some Gazans in plastic tents, in order to fool gullible Western journalists and politicians who are brought to Gaza to witness a staged “humanitarian crisis.” A Gaza supermarket  picture - rather better than London's Brent Cross by the look of it - fairly seems to suggest that Cameron has been gulled by the press again, and that his"prison camp" tales of Gaza are nonsense and either deliberate lies with political motive or equally likely that he is another mug fooled by Press tomfoolery. Staged photos or otherwise, the two little countries of Gaza and Israel seem of minimal importance compared to a massive great power like India, of enormous cultural significance, trying to put itself to rights after many years of Islamic and British terrorism.

IMO: There are genuinely poor people around, but it is unlikely that this will bother UK politicians. Certainly my experience of India, for example, was that there are a lot of very poor, decent, hardworking people there, due for respect. It is becoming hard to believe this about either Gaza or Israel. Though I am sure there some good people in both Gaza and Israel, quixotic aid or even ill-considered political assistance does not occur to me as the right response in the case of Gaza or Israel.

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