Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cameron to seek 1 billion pound Hawk deal with India

UK will seek to sell 57 more Hawk Jet trainers to India in a deal worth a million pounds during David Cameron's first ever visit to New Delhi after taking over as Prime Minister next week.

Cameron's team will also seek to press British interests in India's USD 11 billion (7.1 bn pounds) 126-aircraft fighter procurement contest.

IMO: Hm, India still has 300m people still in poverty and more than 40% of children under five suffering from malnutrition. Anyone can see this, but can "Moat and Duckpond" Cameron see it ? Whilst India must - and will - have adequate defense capability, substantial economic aid is necessary from some source to help the Indian poor. Anything from abroad should not have strings attached, or in any way devitalise the importance of India's Hindu tradition - or indeed any tradition.

I am far from sure which way swadeshi should lead.

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