Saturday, July 03, 2010

Alternative Voting (in UK)

I have written about this before in this blog, so I will briefly recapitulate:

" In practice AV is not as vigorous as PR. All it would do is to give smaller parties like the Greens more of a say. A referendum could be a game-changer, a way of breaking through to turned-off and tuned-out voters, and a full argument of how it could benefit UK politics could be given. Australia has used a somewhat similar and better system for years (almost complete PR, not just AV) than the UK to no ill effect per se.  Also, the measure is simple and easy to apply.

It really seems that Westminster has never had a soul, always being run by the same bunch of seedy insufferable snobs of one persuasion or another.

Now AV (alternative voting) at least allows the chance to dispense with that problem. I do not offer much hope as all parties to Westminster seem to suffer from too much greed to let AV happen."

IMO: I wish I could be more optimistic now. Anyway, AV - the stronger the better - may help, and so unless the voting paper is mangled the way it so frequently is, it could quite soon lead to enormous improvements for the general public, which is why the Labor and Tories do not favor it, and I suspect even the Liberals are somewhat dubious.

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