Saturday, July 24, 2010

Al Megrahi

The Scottish Herald say, inter alia, in a longish and sensible article : "Despite the formal authority of the Scottish police, the Megrahi case is regarded in Washington as FBI-led. If Megrahi went free it wasn’t just MacAskill’s departmental problem, it would have been regarded in DC as an FBI screw-up and would have raised questions about the ability of the US to work with other sovereign authorities in such terrorist hunts. .... Taking Libya out of the frame would, of necessity, have put the case back to square one, meaning the original assumptions about who was responsible for the mass murder being revived. Given the current state of the Middle East, that would have been no easy matter because Syria and Iran would have been pointed at."

IMO: It seems as if this would have been right, and on the evidence available it appears that Al Megrahi was just, at most, some sort of spy or tool, but only 'one of the usual suspects' and the events indicate that other persons, and possibly even other countries, were much more deeply and directly involved to the point where the authorities would have wanted to hold Al Megrahi to get more information but that in fact he was probably innocent for the bombing.  So naturally some of the US people are trying to get off the hook and implicate the UK in their own misbehaviour/failings.

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