Sunday, July 18, 2010


UK spending on Afghanistan aid projects is set to rise by 40%.

IMO: Hm, maybe like in Doonesbury July 16th ?

It was also said India was "roaring out of poverty" and would be looked at very closely. India is actually incredibly poor, suicides all the time of decent, deeply suffering people.

IMO: A lot of very poor people in India, poorer than in Africa, but many people think that aid needs careful direction. e.g. Marathi farmers are often very poor, and deeply in debt. Carefully directed aid could help a lot. India is a civilised country and directing aid is possible and UTAP not so essential as in places run by greedy warlords, like Afghanistan or England (Blair or Cameron ?) Somebody just mentioned that in India as much as 50% or even 100% (e.g. through Vivek Pandit) of the aid could reach public but in Afghanistan or England NOT A PENNY IS LIKELY TO REACH THE PUBLIC.

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