Sunday, June 27, 2010

Texas Republicans produce bizarre political platform

As this is not a blog for smut, I simply refer here to description and comment. But in the UK, we have recently had ConDemn politician Huhne who for unknown (to me) reasons left his wife of 26 years for another woman, who appears to be a bisexual punk who has apparently now left her girlfriend "heartbroken", whilst Huhne's own actual wife is reasonably attractive and seems OK but is naturally pretty unhappy about things.

These things happen, but it seems that Huhne has consistently publically supported Christian moral values in a very strong way for many years. Indeed Huhne was very recently pictured with his family in some of his election literature and he also had given an interview in which he said he would never leave his wife. He tried to promote a reputation as a squeaky-clean family man who wooed voters with photographs plucked from his family album

IMO: It seems to me that both Huhne and the Texas Republicans have not fully realised that in the modern age, this kind of dirty washing eventually comes out very quickly in public. Indeed, it has already made over a billion dollars for notorious "Dirty Digger" Rupert, for example. But if there is a moral, it is perhaps that those in public life who promote moral values must live up to them as well, not a bad idea. And it would appear that neither Huhne nor Texas Republicans do so.

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