Wednesday, June 09, 2010


The Armenian Weekly contains a photograph, taken at a demonstration in Istanbul on June 5, in which the placard declares, “Legendary leader Adolf Hitler, our patience is running out, we need your spirit.” Another picture from the rally congratulates the Nazis – “Well done”.

IMO: It cuts both ways. An English paper recently stated that Israel was founded by a group of Jews who arrived in Palestine on a Nazi ship, emblazoned with swastikas. I have considered all my life that the svastika or swastika was an important religious icon, still used as such by millions throughout the world, and indeed there is even a large Swastik bank. This is not just in the Indian subcontinent, where I could probably count a couple of dozen swastikas if I walk down the main street where I live, but also in Mongolia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Tajikstan and by such religious movements as the Falun Gong in China. In the form of the gammadion, it is even an important Christian symbol. It is a pity that this religious symbol has been so desecrated for mundane and earthly reasons by the cynical West. This is almost as bad as certain picures of the prophet Mohammed.

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