Friday, June 25, 2010

Prince Charles

The UK Guardian says "A high court judge today dealt an unprecedented blow to the Prince of Wales's ability to interfere in public life by describing his opposition to a major planning application in London as "unexpected and unwelcome"."

Seems that this problem arises from emails by Prince Charles to a Quatar firm leaked by a p.r. man working for the Quatar firm who subsequently took employment for a UK firm, apparently run by wealthy playboys, and then (hopefully) stood to make an £80,000 profit from leaking Prince Charles's emails.

These emails also seem to have been leaked to the Guardian newspaper who published these matters but did not mention details of the background, later revealed by Private Eye.

Justice Vos found that Qatari Diar, a property development company wholly owned by Qatar's royal family, changed its plans for the prime London site as a result of the prince's direct complaint to the emir that he did not like the designs by the firm of Lord Rogers, a leading modernist architect with whom he has clashed on several occasions.

IMO: By now all these characters, including the Guardian newspaper seem hell bent on personal profit, pushing any other motives aside. It also seems that Vos said "it would be “commendable” if the two sides “even at this late stage” started to work together to achieve planning permission". It is frequently the case when potentially profitable property deals are involved, that there is such high drama. Anybody who has been to the Gulf and sees the way foreign workers are treated out there, can perhaps be inclined to feel this matter more keenly.

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