Monday, June 21, 2010

Pakistan still backing anti-India terror groups: US study

The rising number of Pakistan linked terrorist plots in the United States largely stem from Islamabad's continued support to some anti-India extremist groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba, blamed for the Mumbai terror attack, a new study concludes.  "The country's acquisition of nuclear weapons emboldened its support to militant groups by dampening concerns of retaliation by India," says the report released Monday by the RAND Corp. a non-profit study group frequently hired by the Pentagon. The report was released after more details on the latest known attempted Pakistani NY Times Square bombing were given out.

IMO: Never mind India, next Pakistani threat may be to use nuclear bombs on London or New York. During G.W. Bush's presidency it was seriously suggested that Pakistan should be 'bombed back to the stone ages'. UK has already lost a lot of troops in Afghanistan, 300 that we know of, and the terrorists are obviously using Pakistan as a safe haven. Maybe it is not necessary - yet - to bomb Afghanistan and Pakistan back to the stone ages, but use of much - very much - more drone activity and very minatory negotiations indeed might save US and UK personnel.

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