Sunday, June 27, 2010

India leads, the world should follow.

The Indian leader, Manmahon Singh, told the rest of the world to follow India’s example when it comes to economic policy. He urged industrial countries not to exit fiscal stimulus either in a hurry or altogether, because, at the present moment, “we have a much greater risk of deflation than of inflation”. Contractionary policies, if followed by many industrialised countries simultaneously, could provoke a double-dip recession.

Canada now becomes India's ninth civil nuclear energy partner

Thus far, India had civil atomic energy pacts with eighth countries, led by the US. The other countries are France, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Namibia and Britain.

According to data available with atomic energy department, India currently has 19 nuclear reactors at six locations, all operated by the state-run Nuclear Power Corp of India, with a capacity to produce 4,560 MW of electricity.  The plan is to quadruple this capacity to 21,180 MW by 2020, taking the share of nuclear energy in India's total installed electricity-generation capacity of around 150,000 MW, from around 3 percent to a little over 10 percent.

Four out of India's 129 reactors are at Tarapur in Maharashtra with a capacity of 1,400 MW. Six are at Rawatbhata in Rajasthan with 1,180 MW, three at Kaiga in Karnataka with 660 MW and two each at Naroda in Uttar Pradesh, Kakrapar in Gujarat and Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu, with 1,320 MW. These apart, six new reactors are also under construction, some at advanced stages, with a capacity of 2,720 MW. These are two at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu with 2,000 MW, one at Kalpakkam with 500 MW and one at Kaiga with 220 MW.

IMO: Backward countries like the UK may not yet take note of Manmohan Singh, but if current backward Condemn policies in the UK allow it to fall to the level of the (EU) PIGS (or indeed the PIGSHIT) nations, then the penny may drop. Depriving the poor and the elderly in the UK, so that the "duckpond and moat" brigade can have 'blue plate' champagne celebrations at £450.00 a head, directly or indirectly from company or state funds, will not do. According to the media, most people seem to regard all UK politicians as lying frauds,  and these politicians would do well to improve matters or face prison, like Joe Kagan and Rudy Sternberg had to do, and which so many of them doubtless deserve. The continued UK official policy to be "economical with the truth", as even Sir William Armstrong admitted, will not do.

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