Thursday, June 10, 2010

Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott, 56 - elected as Britain's first black woman MP in 1987 - only made it into the Labour leadership contest when Mr Miliband and half a dozen of his supporters signed her nomination papers to make sure of a wide choice for the electorate.

IMO: Well let us hope Diane Abbott gets made Labor leader. Right now it is a pretty hot seat and Balls would probably rather wait awhile. Diane Abbott is definitely the best of the bunch at Westminster, I think, particularly bearing in mind such characters as the incredible Laws, former director of a firm fined the top amount (£33 million) for bank fraud in the UK. UK politicans are incredibly corrupt. And as the pink Financial Times says "If there is one person where British politics, business, academia and busines meet, it is Lady Hogg", who was recently incredibly put in charge of the Financial Accounting Council. Incredible, partly because it was her husband who scammed the taxpayers for a moat and duck pond ! Well, I hope Mrs. Hogg keeps the taxpayer-assisted ducks well fed. But I would prefer the frugal Diane Abbott in charge of the country.

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