Monday, June 28, 2010

Bomb Pakistan back to stone ages

Pakistan is exploiting the troubled United States military effort in Afghanistan to drive home a political settlement with Afghanistan that would give Pakistan important influence there but is likely to undermine United States interests, Pakistani and American officials said.  The dismissal of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal will almost certainly embolden the Pakistanis in their plan as they detect increasing American uncertainty, Pakistani officials said.

IMO: Intensive area bombing of Pakistan with US drones may be the only answer for US security. The immediate problem has been with US Republicans who had manoevred Obama into an otherwise untenable position. Taliban has been supported by failed state Pakistan since the outset of US involvement and the US should act before another 500,000 deaths occur in Afghanistan, leaving the US corruption and incompetence evident to all. Bush's threat to bomb Pakistan back to the stone ages now is possibly the only real solution. McChrystal should have been fragged when he was in Afghanistan - that sort of thing was frequently done in Vietnam and even in Iraq - but basically he was only a self-centred tool.

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