Sunday, January 18, 2009

UK Politicians: 'absurd and degrading' (Cable)

According to Vince Cable : "What we need now is the maturity and solidarity that the British public shows in wartime. Yet the British political debate on this profound crisis is mostly on a level that would be considered infantile even in a kindergarten.

Gordon Brown's Government insists it has made no mistakes and that all our problems are due to 'global recession'. The Conservative Opposition insists our problems are entirely the Government's fault and that the rest of the world does not exist. That's just Yah Boo! politics.

This absurd and degrading pantomime, masquerading as serious politics, is played out at noon every Wednesday in our increasingly irrelevant Parliament.

It must now be obvious to most people that there is a global crisis, but that there was also complacency in the British Government about the build-up to the crisis, in excessive household borrowing and a widely overvalued housing market, pumped up by irresponsible bank lenders."

IMO: All this does not surprise me and I could certainly write much more if I had the time. I am afraid I can see a lack of moral fibre and determination throughout the system. We have been gypped by rogues and the system must be related more closely and correctly to the real world status.

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