Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Praise to Adolf Hitler from Pope

According to supposedly reliable sources (probably not joking) last week, the Pope made a controversial comment regarding the Holocaust. "I believe that the historical evidence ... is hugely against 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler".

IMO: Maybe this is a use of weasel words by the Pope but in any case I would see such statements making it hard for any decent Christian to remain a Catholic, bearing in mind that it is not substantially at variance with other comments made by other Popes and also paralleling his position on unrelated matters. One can certainly sympathise with many things the Pope has said, for example on the use of traditional music in church, but that is not really enough. This sort of comment may also hinder the plight of those in Gaza, where there seems to be breaching of the rules of war on both sides. What we need is to stop the conflict in Gaza and more should be done about that, not making fools of members of minorities as the Pope so often seems to do.

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