Saturday, January 31, 2009

More news on the Pope

Strange yet stirring news. I have actually had complaints about my last blog entry, usually to the effect that "Well the Pope may be a real old bastard but he did not actually say that he was a Holocaust denier". Too true, as in the EU he could go to jail for that. I agree that it appears that the alleged comment was apparently made on his behalf, common enough for the rich and famous. And, of course, the Pope would find his way clear to deny it (the comment, but not necessarily the Holocaust, as per EU law). And of course we do not know the Pope's real attitude on the issue, which will doubtless be modified by events in any case.

Recent comments suggests that the Pope is not prepared, in fact, to accept as his own the view of the recently reinstated person who apparently made the comment. (Indeed he seems that he has said this, FWIW).

I would wager that there are plenty of people in Gaza who would see the Holocaust as a good idea by now, but the entire topic is deplorable, with real guilt on all sides.

Certainly Lauren Booth (Tony Blair's sister-in-law, and presumably yet another Catholic) also seems to have adopted an extraordinary viewpoint.

IMO: I have always agreed that it can be wrong to judge any group by its mavericks. I certainly would never have judged the Catholic Church by the eccentric Lord Longford, for example, a wealthy publisher who apparently openly attended porn displays and befriended ongoing criminals. At the same time one finds the trend of religious matters disturbing.

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