Saturday, January 17, 2009

Home minister is justifying mob violence

State home minister Jayant Patil has come under fire from concerned citizens for tacitly supporting the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) action against Pakistani comedian Shakeel Siddiqui. The artiste, who was shooting for a reality show at Andheri, was evicted from the studio by MNS activists on Wednesday and taken to the airport, from where he left for Pakistan the following day.

"The anguish of the common citizen is understandable,'' said lawyer Majeed Memon. "Even though India and Pakistan relations are at its lowest ebb, the high-handed act to chase away artistes need to be condemned. Unless the government declares that no Pakistani artiste should work in the city, this episode only manifests the lawless behaviour on the part of certain political parties.'' Obviously referring to MNS Sena etc.

IMO: Shakeel Siddiqui's visit was an intentional red rag to a bull, but constraint was needed. What would suit India is a quiet, decent Pakistan and the US is wasting US taxpayers funds to encourage the opposite. US trade policy, as in Latin America, seems to be to encourage divide and rule in potential competitors and since the US economy has gone down the drain thanks to an incompetent President only there by nepotism, we could expect the worst. What we need is a supportive, co-operative Pakistan like we used to have with the Taliban against the British occupation. Now the US is trying to play the tricks it learnt whilst destroying Latin American economies for its own benefit. Its like they used to say about USSR ... 'nothing wrong with individual Russians but their Government is not all it should be in some respects".

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