Friday, January 23, 2009


Conservapedia seems to be a truly worrying site, as it clearly has the implication that Republicans are turned into neoStalinists. Often needless personal greed is the motivation. It is a somewhat similar trend as has been found in CPI(M) (Communist Party of India (Marxist)) where again the promotion of oligarchies was an important motivation and could lead to the disgrace and humiliation of the GOP, in America as it is beginning to do in India.

Typical extract is the list for assassination, mentioned also in Wonkette: "Currently the Democrats hold a 58 seat majority in the Senate. If these Senators were unable to complete their terms and were replaced by qualified Republicans by their Republican governors, the Republican party would regain a commanding majority in the Senate sufficient to prevent Barack Hussein Obama ....." [then gives names: the temptation is to say that some are fair game, Feinstein in particular, but that feeling must be resisted]. In a violent country like USA, this is no joke.

Their key phrase is probably "unable to complete their terms". Well Russia has its pseudo left lunatics and it has been clear since the days of Senator Joe McCarthy that the USA has a bigger, better list of pseudo right wing lunatics.

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