Thursday, November 06, 2008

President Obama

CNN today said Obama was recently seen reading a copy of "Ghost Wars" by Steve Coll. This book apparently "offers revealing details of the CIA's involvement in the evolution of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the years before the September 11 attacks. From the beginning, Coll shows how the CIA's on-again, off-again engagement with Afghanistan after the end of the Soviet war left officials at Langley with inadequate resources and intelligence to appreciate the emerging power of the Taliban. He also demonstrates how Afghanistan became a deadly playing field for international politics where Soviet, Pakistani, and U.S. agents armed and trained a succession of warring factions."

IMO: Now Obama was apparently registered at school as a Muslim, according to the "Arab News" of November 6th, so it could probably be said that since he was once a Muslim, he still is in the same position - though he would probably claim within USA to be a Christian. The subtleties here are great, but the probability is that he will want to help Islam.

Pakistan for example, is in a horrible state. There is no proper law and order and a Peshawar citizen I spoke to in Oman the other day had serious worries about his families' safety there. What was present prior to partition was a true element of syncretism and mutual understanding between Hindu and Muslim, which I have even experienced nowadays, for example my wife's excellent cobbler here in Vasai is a devout Muslim. Even Christians were and are often treated fairly in India today. My idea would be to plan to some day extend the India Free Trade Area to include Pakistan, and for an independent Kashmir to be a state within something like that. Kashmir is actually three states at the moment. This is not a quick or an easy matter - but Northern Ireland and the rebel Irish Republic may come to terms in the EU, without too much more in the way of problems. I repeat, it is not an easy matter. Indian Kashmir is ALREADY largely independent within India and India has spent a lot of money in helping all Kashmiris. The Hindu Kashmiris who survived after the Muslim massacres often live as far away as Maharashtra. India should not lose or make any further compromise on Kashmir whatsoever. But it is all possible. The EU has made a lot of steps forward, and so can the subcontinent.

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