Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dengue and Malaria epidemic in Bengal due to Kolkata Municipal Council

On November 7th Mamata Banerjee of the Trinamool Congress pointed out “The state health department has asked state-run hospitals and the civic body to suppress data to cover up its failure. Several people are dying of unknown fevers but the department has not taken any initiative to find the cause”.

This seems to be the case, as since then the malaria death toll in Kolkata has risen to 33. The total number of malaria cases in the city has crossed 35,000 and malignant malaria has affected more than 6,000.

IMO: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) should be voted out altogether in Kolkata as kids and the elderly are dying because of CPI(M). Now it is not just CPI(M) taking cash from industrialists at the worker's expense but out and out social disruption because of their laissez-faire Thatcherite policies. There are, of course, problems all over India and I mosquito proofed our premises here in beautiful downtown Vasai, Maharashtra only last week because of the number of mosquitoes. But in Bengal the situation is now serious, and the Bengalis are still coming down to Maharashtra despite polemics by Bal Thackeray that he will have them all cut to pieces and sent back in coffins. But few people have suffered here as the Govt. put germicide down frequently etc. What's more even the Russians are not proper Marxists now, in fact their Thatcherite capitalist regime has, it seems, tried to breach contract and bilk India of 2 billion US$ over a rather inferior aircraft carrier. That is not international socialism helping the common people!

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