Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nuclear Freedom

Three decades of nuclear apartheid that New Delhi had been subjected to, ended, appropriately enough, on Gandhi Jayanti (day) in India. Ejected from the train of nuclear elites and their submissive groupies following its experimental 1974 nuclear test, and hounded and ostracized since then for its infractions, including the five 1998 tests, India has got back on board, with a helping hand from Uncle Sam. The final Senate vote on Wednesday that approved the US-India civilian nuclear agreement was a foregone conclusion, as was the thumping 86-13 margin. But what was striking was the across the board support that found even rival presidential candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, besides a host of heavyweights on both sides of the aisle such as Hillary Clinton, Richard Lugar, and Joe Biden, backing the deal on what was a momentous day for more than one reason.

IMO: And who knows, maybe some day the USA may be fortunate enough to be selected as another state of India. Hopefully in the long term some of the blackouts and overcrowding on the trains may decrease as a result of this. GNP is heading to be potentially much greater than in USA but there are many hurdles on the way, and careful behaviour and planning are needed. I have said for many years now that the Maharashtrian Konkani coast is the 21st Century Southern California. By Indian standards, beautiful downtown Vasai is not too bad (compare Dharavi). We must bear in mind that the 21st century will not be like the 20th Century.

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