Saturday, October 04, 2008

First defeat for Indian oligarchs

Tata gives up on Nano at West Bengal’s Singur. Hopefully, it is the start of a major trend in India and perhaps the whole world. Common people, old and young, are ready to take back their countries from the politicians and their bosses the oligarchs. The defeat of Tatas in West Bengal’s Singur could be known as the turning point when even the communists could not fool the common people in delivering land to the rich oligarchs.

IMO: Didi was probably right. Obviously the oligarchs, the Tatas possibly being amongst the better of that crew, will not like it and corrupt workers in the news media will take the same view. Also, a lot of people will be hurt. But consider the consequences of many years of similar problems in USA or Russia. Protest has certainly worked, UTAP, in both countries and Gustavus Meyers' "History of the Great American Fortunes", in US (and latterly of course the current market crash caused by such traitors to the American way of life as John McCain, Alan Greenspan, and Union Bank of Switzerland) and any decent american cold war journalist's story on Russia, should tell the eventual and often early consequences of submitting to oligarchy as the marxist ploys in Singur attempted to do.

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