Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Disaster, says Buddha

Kolkata, Oct. 7: A grim Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee today broke the news of “a disaster” to Jyoti Basu Gujarat has bagged the Nano project.

IMO: But surely Buddha is the cause of the disaster as he (allegedly) bilked the farmers. AFAIK Tata factories have often been quite good in the past, but the Tatas trusted Buddha to deliver. It is not reasonable to blame the poor people who have been apparently murdered and robbed. Now presumably the Tatas may accept terms in Gujarat, and whether these will have better consequences after the lessons they have suffered in Bengal, is not yet known. But the Tatas have so much money already that they possibly are acting in a doctrinaire fashion rather than as sensible businessmen. Maybe we have to look yet again at Gustavus Myers "History of the Great American fortunes" to gather from history the eventual likely result, and remember what a brief ephemeral blob in the history of mankind that capitalism really is, and consider the worths and interminable persistence of the strivings of the human spirit instead.. It seems that Ratan Tata had a little joke to make today: “I hope that there is a bad M and a good M.” The unfortunate fact is that, if so, he may have got them (Mamata and Modi) the wrong way round, both for the people and the Tatas.

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