Monday, October 06, 2008

Cautionary story about gays

A former Mr Gay UK stabbed to death a pal before seasoning parts of his body with fresh herb, frying them in olive oil and eating them, a cannibal murder trial heard yesterday. Chef Anthony Morley sliced 8 inches of flesh from the thigh off chum Damian Oldfield and then fried pieces in his kitchen, and allegedly publically boasted of the exploit, to straights and others who seem to have informed the police.

IMO: In my experience cannibalism is not very widely intentionally practised in the West. Certainly, the so-called 'mecca of cannibalism' is allegedly in a casino area in Northern California, and the usenet group '' used to have a reasonable reader group. Perhaps unfortunately, no joke. Also, people who approve of gay sex are prone to be bizarrely experimental in their personal practices. Some would simply say that this is simply yet another sign of the decline of the West. Others would go so far as to caution dining in an overtly 'gay' restaurant, which can at times go beyond the 'chef's special white sauce' joke, the 'yellow sauce' and 'brown pudding' of course being traditionally being reserved for jail prisoners and Army conscripts. Even those who will eat non-veg food often do not care for cannibalism. For myself, I continue to deplore the torture of the English language, as in traditional terms of language, to cook and eat one's sexual partner sounds anything but 'gay' to me. It sounds to me rather like a combination of Dorian Gray and (Munster's) Uncle Fester, with a little forward vision added. And this is tragically common in the gay community. Similar practices are more common than many people realise.

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