Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bush wishes India ‘Happy Diwali’ with N-deal bill

President George W. Bush wrapped the India-US civil nuclear deal as a Diwali gift wishing "hundreds of millions of people in India and around the world” who will be celebrating the Indian festival of lights later this month", a happy Diwali“ "The American people are proud of our strong relationship with India. And I am confident that the friendship between our two nations will grow even closer in the years ahead", said Bush as he signed the US enabling law to give effect to the landmark accord here Wednesday at a White House ceremony. First Lady "Laura and I send our best wishes to the hundreds of millions of people in India and around the world who will begin celebrating the ancient festival of Diwali later this month", he said amidst applause from the select gathering, including “Indian-American leaders from across the nation” who played a key role in bringing the deal to fruition. "As we offer our prayers for a happy new year, we can be thankful that the relationship between the United States and India has never been more vibrant and more hopeful", Bush said. "And it’s now my honour to sign the United States-India Nuclear Cooperation Approval and Non-proliferation Enhancement Act", he said sitting down to sign the historic law.

IMO: Very good. The Japan Times says "Nations concerned should act cautiously to preserve the NPT regime." I can see the weight in that and similar comments, but India has an enormous current need for pollution free energy and unlike Japan and China, has not unfairly pursued plans for additional fuel (I'm referring for example to the (Phillipine) Spratlys, and several times fairly recently UK commentators at least, have suggested that Japan was poised for a South Asian war over oil). Also the stance of Mandarin-speaking Australian premier Rudd (and there are other languages spoken in Australia, like Australian), who has been reasonably called "hypocritical" by Ian Macfarlane, worries me. Perhaps Australia needs a new leader who is more concerned with the Australian workforce. It is said "the (Australian) government's obstructionist approach and unsustainable double standards are holding us back and standing in the way of jobs growth and new export opportunities for the resources sector." Perhaps Rudd wants to go down in history as "pig-iron Rudd" (after the manner of Bob Menzies, and in fairness, Rudd is 'no Bob Menzies'). I had thought Rudd was pro-Labor.

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