Saturday, September 27, 2008

Outrage at government minister's inopportune comments

Lalit Choudhary, 47, died on Monday of head wounds after being attacked by a mob at the Graziano Transmissioni car parts factory in Delhi. India's Minister of Labour and Employment has landed himself in hot water by describing the death as "a warning for management”.

IMO: I agree that the Govt should be more discreet, and that the whole matter should not have occurred. Protests at Singur and Nandigram were relatively pretty well organised and discreet, and may even have useful outcomes and in the long term create better understanding. In the Graziano incident, however, former employees claim that "outsiders" had been involved in the violence - thus we do not know who actually organised the violence, employees or management or neither. These incidents really are a warning to both employees and management. Many fascist employers have tried this sort of thing on, as well as just disgruntled employees, who have far more to lose.

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