Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mamata Banerjee has talks with Sonia on Singur

The Trinamool leader accused the state government of going back on the agreement mediated by Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi and said that the Singur situation demanded immediate central intervention.

She said that while she had no objection to the Tatas setting up the automobile unit in Bengal she would not allow that to happen at the cost of the farmers’ interest. To the political observers, Mamata’s meeting with the Congress chief acquired significance because of the approaching elections. After the Congress-Left ties broke down over the nuclear deal the possibility of an alliance with Trinamool seems to have brightened up. Sources close to Mamata said that if Sonia’s body language was any indicator the meeting could be a turning point.

"Between Congress and Trinamul we can win the majority of Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal,” a Mamata aide remarked

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