Saturday, September 20, 2008

Judges order Delhi to get sacred cows off the street

Thousands of sacred cows that roam the streets of Delhi have now been targeted by exasperated judges, who have condemned the city council for allowing the city's bovine population to spiral out of control.This has been called the "moo menace".

The courts have repeatedly ordered the corporation to clear the streets, but in private officials admit they are a long way from getting the problem under control. Their request for dozens of armed police officers to assist in the round-up fell on deaf ears and a plan to involve the army failed. They have tried microchipping animals in the hope of keeping track of their owners, but many of the urban farmers have removed the devices. the time the latest court deadline for action passed on 31 August, there were still an estimated 30,000 cows at large in Delhi.

IMO: I'm truly sorry for the sacred cows. Even in Chandni Chowk, Delhi the cows have never been given enough room in recent years, and even in beautiful downtown Vasai, Mumbai the cows now look as if they are often wondering what they must have done wrong in their last reincarnation to have to tolerate the conditions in Ambadi Road. Even a few years ago it was a lot better. Maybe 15 years ago the few cows left in Fort often seemed happy enough, and near the international airport in Anderhi they were often even quite placid and happy. You could contemplate them for hours. I can remember Ambadi Road, Vasai just a few years ago, when the cows would happily munch cabbages and other food quite cheerfully, but unfortunately it is not so good for cows nowadays - or for people either. Who has time or ability to contemplate cows in the suburbs nowadays - that is a great pity, and in one way or another, we all suffer for that.

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