Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gherao seems to have worked, UTAP

RSP snubs Buddha, tells him to return land to farmers.

The Revolutionary Socialist Party asked the state government to return land to farmers once Tata exits from Singur. RSP leader Abani Roy said that in all likelihood, Tata would leave Singur and in such a case, government should ensure that the land is returned to farmers. "The Tatas are not ready to talk to the government. So in all likelihood, they might be planning to make an exit from Singur. Under such circumstances, the Bengal government must ensure that the land is returned to the farmers and is made arable again," Roy said. Admitting that the process of making land worthwhile again for farmers would be a costly affair, Roy said, "This involves huge cost and we have suggested that either Tatas or the government would have to shell out Rs 1,500 crore to make the land arable again."

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