Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Plan would build world-run enrichment facility in Iran

The United States should help build an internationally run enrichment facility inside Iran to replace Iran's current facilities, according to scientists at MIT. (The Pickering plan).

IMO: Unfortunately, we may not see the Pickering plan adopted, or even properly publically discussed, until Bush goes.

Shaul Mofaz over the holiday weekend, threatened to attack Iran if it doesn't abandon its nuclear program. Iran says "Israel has been suffering from psychological problems, which is why its people make foolish remarks every now and again. Young Israelis wish to emigrate to other countries and have no hope for a better future in their country. Iran, however, enjoys both stability and military power. Therefore, if someone elects to make a foolish move, our response will be quite painful.”

McCain says that having Obama as President would seem like the US had Jimmy Carter's second term.

IMO: In the present circumstances, that could actually be a good idea. Well Carter certainly had problems, his funny brother and embedded losers like McCain being two of them, but I never thought that a chance comment by McCain would make me think so favorably of Obama. World peace and the removal of nuclear weapons could be worth many sacrifices, for example. Right now, in practice, Republican politicians just seem to want war and destruction - how many US and UK troops have these corrupt murderers had killed in recent years - and most ordinary people want the opposite to war and destruction. I'm sure Obama must have reservations towards India, and I understand that, but the Indian people are decent and they do not want war either.

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