Monday, June 09, 2008

Money wasted by Ken Livingstone

Investigators ordered in by Boris Johnson, the new mayor of London, claim to have found endemic waste in the way millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money was spent by the former regime of Ken Livingstone. There may be criminal prosecutions.

On the Johnson side, Patience Wheatcroft is supervising the work, and she has been good (as a financial journalist) at finding actual fraud in the past, not simply political opportunities. Some details here.

Congratulations to Ken ! He has obtained the much coveted "Three Pigs in Excrement" rating from the "Guido's Best English Corruption" Guide ! No Tory has so far received a rating higher than "Two Pigs in Excrement".

IMO: And what about the London Olympic Games ? God knows how much money is being swindled from the taxpayers through that.

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