Monday, June 09, 2008

India's conference on World Nuclear Disarmament

None other than former US Cold War warriors such as Henry Kissinger, George P Schulz, William J Perry and Sam Nunn are now advocating a nuclear-free world.

Because of terrorism, and potentially difficult countries like Iran, it suits the US now to speak of a nuclear-free world.

IMO: In view of the forthcoming US Presidential election, it is even possible that there could be serious US support for the idea, I suppose.

When former prime minister the late Rajiv Gandhi spoke at a special session of the UN in 1988 for elimination of nuclear weapons, the world shrugged off his appeal as an idealistic and impractical suggestion. The Indian government is now ready to revive the concept and make a feasible point that the late prime minister had been ahead of his times.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will inaugurates the conference in Delhi today. If the rest of the nuclear weapons countries were ready, India was willing to stop its quite formidable nuclear weapons programme, it is said.

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