Friday, May 09, 2008

US TV analysts are often sock puppets.

In an article in the New York Times, entitled "Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand", naming names specifically and referring to most of the major US networks (not just Fox News, but NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN) as effectively using generals etc. as sock puppets for the Pentagon and the like. Not every general went along with the idea of being used as a sock puppet and at least one participant, General Nash, the ABC analyst, was repulsed. “I walked away ....... having total disrespect for my fellow commentators, with perhaps one or two exceptions,” he said.

IMO: Private bloggers often at least try to find the truth, I certainly do. US TV networks exhibit corruption, possibly of the same level that allows politicians in the UK and elsewhere to take 6 figure salaries from corporations for nominal work only. These politicians are almost always not worth good salaries and are effectively taking bribes, presumably for handing out Govt money This applies to all parties in the UK, the party in power usually being the chief offender and it often annoys UK Labour backbenchers. The obvious target, Toady B. Liar, has been said to be trousering in excess of £10 million and we know it is not for useful work. Actually I would have naively expected military men to be more honest than politicans but it may just be that they will settle for smaller bribes.

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