Tuesday, May 06, 2008

UPA-Left panel on 123 nuke deal decide to meet on May 28

Left parties sought clarifications on major issues including guaranteed uninterrupted fuel supplies, full civil nuclear cooperation, the issue of reciprocity and implications of the Hyde Act on India's foreign and security policies.

White House spokesperson Dana Perino declared last week that the US considers the nuclear deal with India as "critically important" and is never going to pronounce it "dead". "We are never going to declare it dead because we think it's critically important," she said.

IMO: There are many sides to the matter, including the possibility that any new US administration may repudiate a done deal. The US is not known for its honesty and consistency I'm afraid. That is not to argue against any deal, but it really is necessary in the short time left to tie up any loose ends in a way which will not disfavour India. I wish they could all get the matter thought through in one way or another.

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