Saturday, May 24, 2008

Obama and McCain Mulling Bloomberg for Veep

A blogger and NY Magazine perception, but an interesting one. possibly an obvious choice for McCain. For Obama, picking Mayor Mike could substantiate and reinforce Obama’s message of pragmatism and post-partisanship.

IMO: I had not been to NY for many years, and whilst not much really improved, it certainly must seem better to those who have lived there a long time. Probably a lot is thanks to Bloomberg. Harlem seems to have changed for the better in appearance, but many of the long term residents have clearly had to move out of Manhattan, and living costs may soon rival those of London, where a nearby resident a short walk from myself had to sacrifice his personal home, possibly due to poverty in USA, for a mere $200 million dollars. It is believed that Lakshmi Mittal is a prospective purchasor. It is a nice enough place but the neighbors seem a bit near though the area is not too crowded yet.

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