Saturday, May 17, 2008

Myanmar solution

It seems as if Mynamar has accused France of sending a warship and not an aid ship.

My mother in law was rescued from Myanamar as a tiny baby to escape through tunnels to India many years ago. This certainly was not for no reason at all.

Therefore seems to me that if the so-called French aid ship is really a warship, then Myanmar has a good deal of sense in its opposition to foreign interference. If however the French ship is not substantially a warship, then the West and Russia have a good case between them to secure very early and quickly enforced occupation of Burma, with reasonable trials for the Burmese authorities and it could be important that the Burmese authorities should suffer absolute maximum penalties for their misdoings. It seems probable that the rights often bestowed by the French and others to supposed African dictators, should be given to the French authorities if they are in the wrong, for reasons of Realpolitik at least.There are also other options, I'm thinking that the French may even have good reasons to have a warship disguised as an aid ship in the region, and if there are reasons for this, possibly involving third or fourth countries, then we certainly should know, certainly India and China should know.

IMO: I pity the people affected by the cyclone but nothing else.

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