Tuesday, May 20, 2008

French warships

France said it would take action on its own for the victims of Cyclone Nargis, sending the warship Mistral, supposedly "loaded with 1,500 tonnes of goods". “We have decided to act without waiting any further,” French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said. The French also castigated China and Indonesia for blocking UN resolutions.Have the French have simply forgotten their own disgusting behaviour in Vietnam ?

Certainly that led to a failed US invasion and many other deaths. I think the French must really not understand that many people do not want them in SE Asia at all at any price whatsoever, any more than many Cubans do not like the US on their own terms.

How long before the West and China will both find themselves in deep trouble over the Caliphate anyway, along with West Turkmenistan, and the gas pipeline to China.

At least India, a poor neighbor of Mynamar, has done what it could despite its own problems and unjustified bombings mainly by foreign Muslim groups who still seem little more than a pathetic rabble, not freedom fighters but crooks who even do not hesitate to murder their fellow Muslims. Shame on them ! It makes one tempted to support Raj Thackeray but IMO we must not go so far. India has had a slightly more helpful response from Mynamar than the West as they can see India is not empire-building. Shades of the wretched old harridan Margaret Thatcher, and her failed attempts along with Ronald Alzheimer Reagan to set up "New Caledonia" in South America, by nuclear force.

There has been too much of self-serving behaviour and taking care of special interests.

IMO: I still only feel sorry for the cyclone victims and hope that somehow or other they will be assisted.

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