Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dragon's Den for Weapons

Inventors are being asked to come up with new military weapons, but their ideas first have to get past a Ministry of Defence (MoD) panel. In a similar format to the hit BBC TV show 'Dragons' Den', academics will pitch ideas at the Centre for Defence Enterprise in Harwell, Oxfordshire. The MoD said new innovations on any area of the forces, including weapons, bombs and clothing would be considered.

Obviously the format will differ slightly from 'Dragon's Den', ie inventors will not be asked to seek venture capital and AFAIK it will not be made into a TV show. There may not be undue 'grilling' of would be inventors - in any sense - it is hoped, so they may not all simply go the Dr. David Kelly road.

Other News: Tony Blair's latest money making scheme is an organisation which is named the 'Tony Blair Faith Foundation' which will allegedly attempt to bring religions together to tackle global issues.

Idea: So why not try to follow up both ideas at the same time ? The BBC report that in October 2007 the "Gay Bomb" won the IG Nobel prize. This involved the dissemination of chemicals that could strongly promote homosexual dalliances, and certain 'gay' chemicals could be released in places like mosques, which really sound an ideal place. Not everyone, particularly devout muslims, would favour the idea but war is war, and surely Tony Blair would be the man for such a tricky assignment, particularly if the chemicals need further development first It would also be a fair penance for him. In the old days, when 'cottaging' was very illegal, it was said that the thing some 'straight' Vice Squad police really feared was to be moved to the 'Lavatory Cops' division. A minor problem is that news reports suggest that the 'Gay Bomb' would make little difference in a Roman Catholic Church.

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