Monday, May 26, 2008


United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, said that the Myanmar government was “moving fast in the right direction” and that he was confident Myanmar would honor a pledge, made to him on Friday by the leader of its military junta, Senior Gen. Than Shwe, to allow aid workers into the country.

IMO: I certainly hope he is right.

The junta say: “We would warmly welcome any assistance and aid which are provided with genuine good will from any country or organization, provided that there are no strings attached nor politicization involved”.

IMO: Fair enough

As the incident involving the Mistral seemed to show, that invitation did NOT appear to include American, British and French naval ships that had been cruising off the Myanmar coast.

IMO: Again, fair enough. Those vessels sound exactly like the equivalent of rogue builders hanging around outside a disaster and hindering real aid. I also recall a case in Australia where a tow truck was seen towing away a damaged vehcle at speed, with an accident victim screaming with pain inside, presumably so the tow truck could get quickly to another job.

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